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Sets of the best, the interesting, & the unique

Moonville Tunnel
Kings Hollow Tunnel
Moonville Tunnel and Kings Switch Tunnel in isolated southeastern Ohio were part of a now abandoned rail line routed to Cincinnati. The line was in service through 1986 but the town of Moonville was largely abandoned by 1947. The town remains known for its ghost stories. 
Mossy Details - Christmas Rocks Nature Preserve, Ohio
Linn Run State Park, Pennsylvania
Mossy Details - Christmas Rocks Nature Preserve, Ohio
Small details catch light on the forest trails season round. This set comes from two early winter captures in Christmas Rocks Nature Preserve, Ohio and one early spring hike in Linn State Park, Pennsylvania.
Cucumber Falls, Pennsylvania
Jonathan Run Falls, Pennsylvania
Jones Run Falls, Pennsylvania
Cole Run Falls, Pennsylvania
Southwestern Pennsylvania offers some of the best hiking and waterfalls. This set includes Cucumber Falls, Jonathan Run Falls, Jones Run Mill Falls, and Cole Run Falls. 
Spence Field, Appalachian Trail
Appalachian Trail
Pennsylvania Camping
Rays of sun filtering through after afternoon thunderstorms on the Appalachian trail  or off the smoke of campfires on the last fall weekend. 
High Banks Metro Park Ohio Fall
High Banks Metro Park Ohio Fall
Highbanks Metro Park Ohio Fall
Many a photographer's favorite season with dramatic colors, perfect lighting, strong contrast. This fall series comes from an afternoon hike at High Banks Metro Park near Columbus, Ohio. 
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