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As the slow fall peak rolled its way south, after Michigan it was time to venture to the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania. And the delayed color continued, so back-to-back weekends it was.

Ohiopyle State Park was the focus of the first trip, and it absolutely poured overnight Friday into Saturday. But that meant peak waterfalls and peak colors. This park offers some of the best hiking in the region and folks from Pittsburgh usually flock to the popular spots on the weekend. The lingering rainy weather on Saturday kept the crowds at bay though.

While there are so many photogenic spots its nearly impossible to pick favorites. But for this trip, two spots do stand out: The Meadow Run Slides and Sugar Run Falls.

Sugar Run Falls takes a heavy rainfall to get running and every time I've stopped by in the past it's been nearly completely dry. But this time, making the turn off the bike trail after hiking up Jonathan Run the sound of rushing water said this time would be different, and the scene did not disappoint.

Sugar Run Falls

The Details:

Camera: Olympus OMD EM-5 Mark III

Lens: Samyang MF F2.0 12mm @ ~F10

ISO: 64

Shutter Speed: 3.2 Seconds

The Second Spot - Meadow Run Slides are just magical pretty much anytime of the season. But in the fall, the swimmers have retreated and people step carefully on slick wet rocks to get the best view of fallen leaves framing the rushing waters.

The Natural Slides of Meadow Run

The Details:

Camera: Olympus OMD EM-5 Mark III

Lens: Olympus Kit 14 - 150mm at 14mm

ISO: 64

Shutter Speed: 0.5 Seconds

Aperture: F22

Fall foliage has been really delayed this year all around the Great Lakes . Summer tried to hang on just a little too long and our first fall outing was particularly warm - especially considering we were in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in October!

We managed to hit peak color on the shores of Lake Superior. After giving up on the crowds trying to get to Tahquamenon Falls on a Saturday afternoon we ventured down the 18 mile sandy dirt road out to Crisp Point. About 13 miles and nearly an hour into the trek, the skies let loose and we suffered several chilly downpours while rock hunting, but we were graced with skies full of character and unique lighting.

Lighthouses and fall birches are two of my favorite subjects, and this spur of the moment trip absolutely did not disappoint. And the rain chased at least a few folks back to their cars leaving us with a peaceful rain soaked beach.

Next time, we are going at night to hunt for glowing Yooperlite Rocks!

Crisp Point Lighthouse

The Details - Image 1

Camera: Olympus OMD EM-5 Mark III

Lens: Olympus Kit 14-150mm at 36 mm

ISO: 200

Aperture: F 10

Shutter Speed: 1/50

Processing: Adobe Lightroom and Topaz Sharpen AI

The Details - Image 2

Camera: Olympus OMD EM-5 Mark III

Lens: Olympus Kit 14-150mm at 14mm

ISO: 64

Aperture: F 7.1

Shutter Speed: 1/30

Processing: Adobe Lightroom and Topaz Sharpen AI

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