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I tried to get excited about the turning of the calendar and the end of a year that will not soon be forgotten, but I really struggled this time. Because it didn't honestly feel like anything was changing this time around. That feeling of a blank page and fresh resolutions was just not to be mustered on December 31st, 2020 or January 1st 2021. I didn't partake in setting any resolutions this year - not because I don't have things I want to accomplish but because I just want this year to be about generally moving forward.

But today... today I had that sense of excitement that comes with change and new beginnings. Today our country's leadership turned over and we have the first female Vice President in our country's history. Long overdue. And while some who don't agree with the ideology and political leanings of the new administration are choosing to belittle and joke about how she has risen to this position (of questionable importance according to some media outlets), I choose to see this as a strong beginning and to breathe a little deeper. And today is a day I hope we will all be able to look back on with appreciation for it's significance and the dreams it's kindling in little girls across the country and even world.

Here's to another beginning. While the page is not blank as problems don't magically disappear, here's to hoping the story is one worth looking back on with some pride this time next year and well into the future.


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