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Chasing a Comet

So, for awhile there it seemed like we might be on track for a normal fall - schools open, returning to offices, and safely vacationing. Doesn't look so promising now as 2020 rolls on. Who had plague squirrels on their 2020 bingo card? Anyone? I don't even want to ask or think about what is next at this point - just going to try to hold on for the ride.

Anyway, summer has brought us a comet and more time to explore the backyard, yet again. And awaiting the clearing of clouds, catching the last light of sunset, and scanning for that faint streak of NEOWISE was the most recent adventure. We found quiet, fireflies, raccoons, heard the coyotes. and felt the cool night air replace the July heat for a few hours. Clouds hung stubborn the first night, but the second night they cleared and we squinted looking for the faint tail just off the Big Dipper.

We ran into fellow comet hunters - one with camera equipment and a father/son out past bedtime. Space still seems to captivate us no matter what else is going on in the world.


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