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Hey 2020....

You've been a ride --- on a washboard track, at 90 mph, loop after loop in a Ford Pinto. It's a miracle the car didn't just burst into flames as the obstacles piled up. I'll be honest, I have the typical hope for a new

year, but I'm going into 2021 with a little trepidation, but a little stronger. I'm not ready nor do I think I'll be forgetting the year anytime soon and I like some of the new normal that has come out of the year.

So I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday season and their new year celebrations in this different year. Though not everything was different - the new year in our home was brought in with board games, Legos, snacks, and wine at home with the pets. And also, in 2020 fashion - we are waiting on one more piece of our Lego set to complete it.


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