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Spring 2020

This is a spring for the history books and that might be the only thing we are sure of at this point. We've seen events and gatherings cancelled, death and statistics posted daily or hourly, and been left wondering what normal even really was and if it will return.

I don't want to forget that many have lost jobs, their health, loved ones, and lives. And many of us muddling through haven't had time to pick up new hobbies between taking care of kids, working, paying the bills, and just generally living day to day.

Now, we have been fortunate in our home so far and have had the luxury to enjoy a few things during this tumultuous time. More time with each other, more time with our pets, more evening runs, and new recipes in the evening - much of this because of a lack of commuting to and from our offices. And on weekends, with so many places closed including campgrounds, we've had the chance to venture to our nearest forests and riversides via the classic day trip.

This spring, we were really looking forward to camping and backpacking in Pennsylvania on the Laurel Highlands Trail or venturing to the UP of Michigan. But, staying close to home has made us appreciate what Ohio and our own backyard has to offer.

So, I'm still behind the camera and trying to put some beauty out to people in this scary time. Honing old skills and discovering new while trying to take my photography to new levels. I've been experimenting with props like the lensball, nighttime shoots on deserted streets, and going back through archives and applying new editing techniques to old shots. So, while travel is limited we are finding our ways to fight the cabin fever. And we've run into a few folks rediscovering their own love and need for the outdoors along the way (from a distance of course).


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