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The Mighty Mac

So, after the first business trip out of state in a year and half, I came back with all kinds of energy and also anxious to get away from people and back to the woods. So on Friday around noon, I said how about northern Michigan after work. And then a few hours later we were in the car headed north. Made camp around 1:00 am in the back of the car and prepared for exploring in the morning.

Color wasn't quite peaking when we thought it would be, so we ended up further north and were rewarded with this scene late Saturday night. The fog had just started settling back in. There was a construction zone in the middle of the bridge casting extra bright light for a dramatic scene.

There's something magical about not having a plan on the road and just pointing the car in a direction and figuring it out along the way.

The Might Mac as Evening Fog Settles In

The Details:

Camera: Olympus OMD EM-5 Mark III

Lens: Olympus Kit 14 - 150mm at 150mm

ISO: 64

Aperture: F 6.3

Shutter Speed: 20 seconds

Processing: Adobe Lightroom


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