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The Story Part 2 - Westport, Ireland

This trip was memorable and chalk full of stories in general. We had just graduated college, started careers, and gotten married in the span of about 5 months. And this trip was my first overseas and hopefully not the last. On this particular day, the older Olympus camera I had been using to get back into photography suddenly died - would not power on - it was a brick.

Not wanting to miss opportunities to look back on this trip, we were in Westport, north of Galway and spotted an old Kodak sign and camera in the window of the local "chemist".

So we went in and I walked out with a Panasonic G2 that was already outdated compared to what I could have gotten stateside. The camera had been on sale that summer but the store owner hadn't removed the sale sticker - so we negotiated the sale. So, while just getting back into photography, I learned a new camera on the fly overseas. And we loved this town -we actually made another stop and spent some time wandering the streets and in this old bookstore.

So, while this is by no means a great photo - it's even a little out of focus - it takes me back in time to a town that still had a local chemist, bookstore, coffee shop, and town square in northwest Ireland. And that ability in itself makes it a good photo for me, even if most just scroll on by as they do the many thousands of images we see daily online.


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